Ceramic Crowns in Scarsdale

Why a Ceramic Crown?

Before & After Ceramic Crowns in Scarsdale

Patients at Scarsdale Dental Group select crowns to strengthen a decaying or damaged tooth, or improve the shape, size, alignment or look of a tooth. For patients with teeth that cannot support a dental filling to restore a tooth, crowns are a viable option. Crowns are also used in teeth replacement treatments by placing them on top of a dental implant to look and function like a natural tooth.

Specifically, a crown may be advised for one of the following reasons:

  • To replace a big filling when not enough tooth material remains
  • To protect a weak tooth from cracking
  • To fix a fractured tooth
  • To attach a dental implant and provide the look of a natural tooth
  • To attach to a bridge
  • To attach to a dental implant and provide the look of a natural tooth
  • To cover a misshapen or discolored tooth
  • To cover a tooth or teeth after root canal therapy

How a Ceramic Crown Looks

Ceramic Crowns are made of resin which we can match to the color of your teeth, making them look most like your natural teeth. We can also customize the size and shape of your crown fully to optimize the bite. Most importantly by eliminating the metal, ceramic crowns have no graying, or dark shadow at the gum line.

Typical Crown Treatment

When you have decided to choose a crown as a treatment option,  Scarsdale Dental Group first shaves down the tooth or replaces the tooth with an implant post. This is done to ensure the crown will tightly fit over the viable tooth or implant structure. After tooth preparation, we’ll take an impression, or mold. We then take a digital photo of the exact shade desired to include in the custom order for your crown fulfilled by a dental lab.

Our office will recommend we fit you with temporary crowns to cover while you wait for the permanent crowns. You will never have to leave Scarsdale Dental Group with a missing gap or space in your smile!

When the lab returns your crown, our office will schedule an appointment with you to install your permanent crown and complete the procedure.