What to Expect

What to Expect

Whether you just need a cleaning, filling or a brand new smile, we are here to help. Great dental care makes for a fantastic smile, and promotes overall health and wellness. We want you to have the confidence to share your smile with the world!

From your first contact with us, you can expect us to be responsive to your questions and requests. We strive to give you the correct information in every interaction and work with you to satisfy your every request.

If this is your first visit or consultation please use the information on the Contact Us page for transportation options and considerations like parking.  To reduce your time in the office, please complete the forms located on the First Time Visit page and bring them with you to your appointment.

Upon your arrival to the office, our welcoming front desk staff will greet you to confirm the nature of your visit. During your visit please feel encouraged to ask questions or let us know if we can make you more comfortable. The dental professionals will be notified by the front desk upon your arrival and will come out to greet you.

At each first time visit or consultation, the doctor will meet with you to understand your goals as a patient, any aspirations for cosmetic work, preferences, and constraints to develop a suitable treatment plan to help you achieve the healthy smile you wanted.

For each visit, we would ask you to review the Medical History Update or Supplement Form to determine if there are updates we need to know about.  If updates are required please download, print,  update the form and bring it with you to the next appointment.

For maintenance visits, our dental hygienists will bring you to an operatory and begin a comprehensive evaluation treatment. In addition, most patients undergo cleanings at this appointment. The comprehensive oral evaluation will conclude with a review by the dentist to discuss overall health, potentially developing situations and near-term recommended treatments for your consideration.