Pre-Op and Post-Op Instructions

Post-Operative Instructions

Pre-Op Guidelines for All Procedures:

Our staff will advise you if pre-operative steps or medications are required.

For the surgical procedures  (i.e. tooth extraction, Implants), it is recommended, but not mandatory,  for up to 5 days before the procedure you discontinue  NSAIDS (i.e. Tylenol, Advil or Aspirin) or blood thinner products.

For individuals concerned about the recommendation above, or are under active physician care or have had significant medical condition history we may request your permission to with your physician prior to any treatment.

Additional instructions for Pre-Op medication is given below; simply click on the + sign to learn more.

Post-Op General Guidelines for all procedures:

Please wait for the anesthetic effects to wear off completely before you drink or eat, unless we provide specific directions to drink as part of taking medicine before the anesthetic wears off.

Please carefully follow the post-op instructions provided by our office.  This is especially true as regards medications.