Tooth Colored Fillings in Scarsdale, NY

What Is a Tooth Colored, or Composite, Filling?

The team at Scarsdale Dental Group recommends tooth colored fillings also known as composite resin fillings, to fill cavities, cracks, fractures or voids, in teeth.

The main advantage of white fillings is an aesthetic one:  Our team can closely match the shade of the filling to the color of existing teeth, making them seem natural when completed.  A second advantage of a tooth colored filling is that we do not have to remove as much of the healthy portion of the tooth (to hold the filling in place) as we do with other dental restoration options. This is because the material used in a white filling more easily bonds to the tooth than other materials.

If those cases that patients want to consider different dentistry material, such as metal alloy, we do have experience with those materials and can custom install something for you.

Before & After Composite Fillings in Scarsdale

What to Expect During Treatment With Ceramic Fillings

Treatment with tooth colored fillings typically requires just one visit to The Scarsdale Dental Group. Once the patient has been comfortably anesthetized with topical and a local anesthetic the doctor will remove the excess material in the treatment area of the tooth. The tooth area will next have an adhesive resin applied. The adhesive is cured with a bright blue light (near ultraviolet). The tooth-colored resins are then applied and cured again with the blue light. Finally, the doctor will adjust the bite to your maximal comfort and function.

You may notice that the treated tooth is more sensitive to chewing or temperature in the first day or two. This should subside with time. Please, however, call the office if the sensitivity lasts for more than a few days to a week.

What if Ceramic Fillings are not an Option

For some teeth, not enough tooth material remains to support ceramic fillings as an option to restore your tooth.

Scarsdale Dental offers custom restorative options that are protective and esthetically pleasing. These include porcelain inlays and onlays to restore teeth that have moderate to advanced decay or wear along the chewing surfaces,  cosmetic ceramic crowns for back teeth and veneers on broken or chipped front teeth.