Guided Dental Implant Placement

Guided Dental Implant Placement in Scarsdale

Our team has the technology, cone beam scanner that generate scans at our offices, extensive experience and are masters at leading edge techniques to generate a restorative virtual treatment plan. We use the plan to perform guided implant placement for our patients.

Using a virtual 3-D model or a physical model, implant placements and the following restorative work can be simulated to create the ideal patient treatment plan. These virtual plans allow the doctor to take multiple aspects of implant placement and restoration into consideration, resulting in optimal aesthetics, function and longevity for the patient’s final restoration. Working with a 3-D model also allows the patient to better understand the procedures and visualize the end result.

Once planning is complete, specialized software is used to create a surgical guide to be used during implant placement. This guide directs the exact location, angle and depth of the implant placement. The use of the guide increases the accuracy, efficiency and safety and predictability of the procedure.