How Much Does A Root Canal Cost in Scarsdale, NY?

How Much Does A Root Canal Cost in Scarsdale, NY?

If you’re having pain or inflammation in gums or teeth, your discomfort might be a sign that you need a root canal. 

You may experience pain or discomfort becoming more severe with any pressure put on that area of your mouth, for example when you brush your teeth or chew. Your dental team can diagnose what’s wrong and whether or not you need root canal treatment. 

Increased sensitivity to hot, cold, or sweet sticky foods or beverages can also be a sign a root canal could be necessary; so too can be sudden tooth discoloration.

And, should you form an abscess, the sign of a severe infection, a root canal may also be necessary to treat it. Whenever your gums are swollen or painful, or are experiencing a bad flavor in your mouth, that could mean a root canal is needed. 

Whether you’re experiencing tooth or gum pain, sensitivity, discoloration, or a swollen abscess, it’s important to visit your dental team right away. You may not need a root canal, but whatever is causing these symptoms should be addressed promptly, regardless of whether it turns out to be “just” a cavity, gingivitis, or a cracked tooth. It’s always important to take care of pain quickly before it worsens. 

Root Canal Treatment Shouldn’t Be Avoided

Root canal therapy today is far more comfortable that you may imagine. It’s a relatively quick process that causes no more discomfort than filling a cavity in your tooth.

So what is a root canal? It’s simply opening the affected tooth to remove the portion of the pulp inside that’s infected. Once that’s done, the tooth is disinfected, refilled, and sealed, either with a dental filling or a natural looking crown.

Simply put, it’s a routine procedure that is definitely not something to worry about.

So How Much Does a Root Canal Cost?

Root canals in our area vary from around $700 to $1,500 for each tooth affected. In many cases your dental insurance will cover most if not all of the expense. Our office will gladly reach out to your insurance company as a courtesy for billing. And we’re proud to provide a wide range of finance solutions for you if that should be necessary. We offer assistance with Care Credit, Lending Club, and Alphaeon Credit interest free for 12 months with no annual fee as well as a variety of other options to make the care you need as easy on your budget as possible. 

The exact cost of a root canal varies depending on just how much the tooth requiring treatment is damaged, which tooth requires treatment, and whether there are any other issues that need to be addressed.

Ready to Learn More about Root Canal Treatment?

If you’re experiencing pain, discomfort, discoloration or any other symptom that would require a root canal, don’t hesitate to contact your dental team. We will gladly answer your questions, discuss treatment options, finance plans and insurance, and of course evaluate whatever condition is causing you pain. Just reach out to us today!