How Long Does Cosmetic Bonding Last

How Long Does Cosmetic Bonding Last?

There are a lot of people who are self-conscious about their smile. There can be many issues contributing to these feelings about teeth, such as chips, gaps, receding gums, or discolorations. Luckily, advances in cosmetic dentistry have made it much easier for people with minor imperfections to obtain the smile they want. One of the quickest and easiest ways to sculpt the perfect smile is with cosmetic bonding.

What is Cosmetic Bonding?

Cosmetic bonding  is a cosmetic dental procedure where a dentist uses a composite resin material matching a patient’s tooth color to correct minor tooth imperfections. The resin is bonded to the teeth without needing to remove any of the patient’s enamel. After the bonding is complete, the patient can return to their normal activities immediately with no need for downtime. 

With proper care, cosmetic bonding can last anywhere from three to ten years before touch ups or replacements are needed, depending on factors like diet and lifestyle habits. 

Reasons to Get Cosmetic Bonding

  • Chips in teeth
  • Receding gums/exposed tooth roots
  • Gaps between teeth
  • Stains and discolorations on the teeth
  • Small teeth due to genetics or grinding (bruxism)
  • General unhappiness about the appearance of the teeth

While there are other more permanent dental procedures to correct these issues, many patients prefer cosmetic bonding because it is completely reversible, requires no downtime for recovery, and is less expensive than permanent options.

What to Expect During a Cosmetic Bonding Appointment

During a consultation, the dentist will evaluate the patient’s eligibility for the cosmetic bonding procedure with an examination of the teeth and gums along with x-rays.If there are any existing dental issues, they will likely need to be addressed before the cosmetic bonding procedure can happen.

On the bonding appointment day, the dentist will match the composite resin material to the patient’s tooth color and prepare the patient’s teeth for the bonding with a special solution. The composite resin material is applied and shaped, followed by curing the material with UV visible blue light, and then a polish. Each tooth requires anywhere from 30 to 60 minutes to fully prepare, bond, cure, and polish, depending on the extent of the bonding material being applied.

Frequently Asked Questions About Cosmetic Bonding

Is cosmetic bonding better than veneers?

Cosmetic bonding involves correcting minor tooth imperfections with a composite resin material, while veneers involve covering the front of the teeth with composite or porcelain “shells” to conceal imperfections. Cosmetic bonding is reversible and does not require removing any of the natural tooth enamel, while veneers are longer-lasting and do require enamel removal. 

Is cosmetic bonding permanent?

No, cosmetic bonding is completely reversible and the resin material used to shape the teeth can be completely removed with proper equipment. Even under ideal conditions, cosmetic bonding will only last 3-10 years before touch ups or replacements are needed.

Cosmetic Bonding in Scarsdale, NY

If you’re looking for a quick, easy, affordable way to perfect your smile, cosmetic bonding could be a great solution. For more information on cosmetic bonding in the Scarsdale, NY area, contact Scarsdale Dental Group at 914-723-4707 or use our online message form. You can also request an appointment online