3 Considerations for a Complete Smile Makeover

Are you dissatisfied with your current smile? Maybe you see pictures or look in the mirror and don’t like the appearance of your teeth. Or maybe you avoid smiling altogether because you’re self-conscious about the look or condition of your teeth. Did you know you could change all that with a complete smile makeover? 

A complete smile makeover is an option for someone who wants to make significant changes in the appearance of their teeth. If you want to do more than just whiten your teeth, you may be an ideal candidate for a smile makeover. Are there gaps between your teeth? Are they discolored, severely decayed, cracked, broken, or worn down? Perhaps your teeth need some straightening. Whatever the qualities of your teeth that are getting you down, there is definitely a way to improve them. 

But before you get started with the process, there are 3 major considerations you should keep in mind.

1. Your look is up to you.

If you’re going to undergo dental work and cosmetic procedures, you should be sure you’re getting the look you want. Bring pictures with you of yourself from the past, smiles you’ve seen in magazines or even pictures of family members. This will give your dentist a better idea of what you’re looking for in order to design your plan. 

Pictures will be taken of you during your consultation and digitally altered to show how your teeth will look when the process is complete. Make sure you are satisfied with the final goal before agreeing to anything or undergoing any procedures. This is your smile makeover and you are the only one who gets to decide what your smile will look like.

2. The process takes time.

A smile makeover doesn’t happen in a day. It may take weeks, months, or even years depending on the extent of the changes you wish to make and the procedures needed to make those changes. 

A smile makeover can consist of mostly cosmetic procedures that merely change the appearance of the teeth, such as: 

A smile makeover may also consist of restorative procedures that preserve the teeth and restore their natural look and function, such as:

And finally, a smile makeover may even involve orthodontic procedures that realign the teeth and bite, such as:

Braces and Invisalign can take years to properly straighten the teeth, but the benefits to your oral health are worth the time. Restorative procedures may take place over a few months if there are extensive procedures required. Cosmetic procedures are usually the fastest to complete but may be done last after all other procedures have been done to put the finishing touches on your new smile.

3. Don’t make your smile too perfect.

A common mistake some patients make is to have their teeth made too perfect. You don’t want your smile to look fake or artificial. Your teeth shouldn’t be too white or too straight. Allow room for a little imperfection and you’ll look much more natural in the end.

Scarsdale Dental Group Can Transform Your Smile

If you’re interested in a complete smile makeover, Scarsdale Dental Group can help. We will assess your current dental health as well as the appearance of your teeth to determine the best course of treatment to give you a beautiful and healthy smile. We listen to your wants and needs so that you are sure to be satisfied with the final results. 

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